Please give us requests.

please post a request for us in the comments here, we will make it for you ok!


6 responses to “Please give us requests.

  1. Can you make a vegan savory ice-cream sunday, with olives instead of cherries and veggie sausages instead of bananas, hummus instead of whipped cream and crispy bread instead of wafers. I would very much like to see this.

  2. vegandaylightdinner


  3. Upsidedown traditional finnish meal please

  4. what about an italian tofu mufaletta?

  5. OK the vegan savory Sunday was amazing, and so quick. You should open a restaurant while your there, maybe a restaurant for really small people. If I may be so bold as to make another request how about miniature food, baby corn baby carrots, um baby squash, you could serve it on a saucer with a shot glass drink, miniature knives and forks might be difficult. Oh yeah do it when your not so hungry.

  6. PIZZA PIZZA PIZZA! with a smiley face on it, please?

    nothing beats pizza! you can use tofu instead of cheese!

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