vegan vomit episode 4

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3 responses to “vegan vomit episode 4

  1. hi there spat n loogie babes…
    great vid but its good to be exposed to vomit thanks for um i dunno the vomit?
    i request……a savoury castle? u up to it?

  2. Bobbit & Poss

    So gross. I feel sorry for Cosmo but as they say…You do the crime you do the time.

    I am just wondering..if you vomit the vomit what does it look like? perhaps it will come out as the fully formed meal it never was.

  3. hello s+l i am missing youse so. i am obsessed with your videos. while there are many things that i’d love to see you make, i have been thinking a lot lately about the following:

    a) sweet pizza
    b) sweet pasta
    c) savoury cake

    i believe that corn could be involved in all 3, which is good – am i right?

    xxxxx kurt

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