Kumera lemony datey Tagine

    • 1 onion, finely chopped, 3 or 4 small carrots, chopped,1 sweet potato, peeled and chopped
    • Smallish handful of dates, chopped, Juice of 1 lemon and pinch of rind
    • 1 tin chick peas.1 can tomatos
    • chilli +pepper+salt to taste
    • Gently fry the onion on a low heat in as little oil as possible in a large pan with the lid on for about 10 mins.2. Meanwhile gently simmer dates and lemon rind in a little water for 10 mins. Add to onions, along with carrots, sweet potato, chick peas and tomatoes.

      3. Simmer for about 20 mins. Season with lemon juice chilli, pepper and soy sauce.

      Serve with  couscous.

    • SO NICE, taken from Ronny/Karma C. Hyrax on vegan-food.net

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